Make Money With ClickBank: Your ClickBank Profit Guide

Thanks for reading Make Money with Clickbank. We hope you’ll find it informative and valuable as you explore marketing options vis a vis the Clickbank website.

If you’ve been learning about Internet marketing, you’ve heard of Clickbank. Clickbank is a payment processor and affiliate network. When you have a Clickbank account, you can promote thousands of digital information products, collecting a commission for every sale.

If you’ve created a digital product, you can list it in on Clickbank. The site takes care of paying affiliates and will make sure you receive your payments, too.

This report was written to provide you an overview of how Clickbank works and how you can use it to make serious money. There are many affiliate marketers out there who earn a full-time living promoting Clickbank-listed products and thousands of publishers use the site to increase their sales.

This special report will lay out all of the basics for you, but it certainly isn’t a complete guide to Internet marketing. You should develop a better understanding of Clickbank,but you will undoubtedly want to explore many different aspects of Internet marketing in greater depth.

The Clickbank Affiliate

Those using Clickbank invariably fall into one or two categories. There are affiliates and there are publishers.

Affiliates earn commissions when traffic they direct toward the publisher’s product sales page makes a purchase. Publishers list their digital products on Clickbank and pay a commission to those affiliates who generate product sales.

We’re going to begin our discussion by examining the role of an affiliate.

An Overview 

Most people who deal with Clickbank started as an affiliate. It’s a great way to earn money online and it’s very easy to get started. Signing up for an account at Clickbank is a simple, fast process and it’s absolutely free. Once you have a membership, you can start promoting products and earning commissions.

In the most basic of terms, affiliate marketing with Clickbank works like this: You drive web traffic to a publisher’s sales page. When people purchase the product to which you directed them, you’ll receive a commission payment. You are credited for a commission by sending traffic to a specialized version of the sales page, known in Clickbank parlance as a hoplink. Your hoplink is unique to your account, guaranteeing that you’ll receive all payments due to you.

There are some definite advantages to playing the affiliate role on Clickbank. You don’t need to worry about product creation, customer service, product delivery or the creation of a sales page. The only thing you need to do to make money is an affiliate is to direct web traffic to the publisher’s sales page.

You can make a great deal of money this way. While some products offer relatively small commissions (under $10), others may pay out more than $100 per sale. If you find a converting product and are able to send a healthy flow of traffic to the sales page, you can post significant earnings. Many Clickbank affiliates make a full-time living with their efforts and some may earn well into six figures per year.

Product Selection
The first step in Clickbank affiliate marketing is product selection. You need to decide which product(s) to promote. Let’s look at some factors you should consider when making that important decision.

Many marketers argue that the best products to promote are those that you find personally interesting. If you have a passion for the product and knowledge of the subject area, you might find it easier to develop persuasive and effective promotions.

Others will argue that a love for the product or topic area isn’t nearly as important as other more business-oriented factors (many of which we’ll cover here).

Obviously, everyone would agree that the perfect product would be one that had all of the marketing characteristics necessary for success and that held great personal

Researching for a product to promote happens on two different levels. You’ll want to look at the product specifications and details available via Clickbank. You’ll also want to do some wider market research.

You want to choose a product that will really sell. That means finding a product that fits in nicely with the old marketing maxim of “find out what they need and then supply it to them”. You’ll want to investigate what people really want and to get an idea as to whether or not the product will fill that desire.

Factors to Consider
Let’s look at a few of the product selection factors available for consideration within the Clickbank marketplace (which is where you’ll find the various products available for affiliates to promote).

Gravity is a metric unique to Clickbank. It’s a statistic that is supposed to provide Clickbank users with an idea of a product’s sales and popularity. The gravity number doesn’t tell you how many copies are sold or how many affiliates are selling it. Instead, it merges those two factors using a proprietary algorithm to provide an idea of how well the product is performing.

If you find products with very low gravity numbers (gravity can range from zero to triple digits), that may be an indication that selling the product will be an uphill struggle. That indicates that few people are successfully marketing the product.

A higher gravity number shows that there may be potential for the product. While there’s no consensus as to what constitutes a “winning” gravity score, various experts have posited that gravity greater than ten provides at least some indication that the product could be successfully promoted.

Extremely high gravity is proof that a product is hot and is selling well. That’s great news if you’re looking for something people really want, but there is a downside. High gravity means more competition. It’s generally evidence that a high number of affiliates are promoting the product already.

Some people will tell you to stay away from the high-competition products and niches.

Others will argue that those are the perfect products upon which to cut your Clickbank teeth because it proves the existence of high demand. Almost everyone, however, agrees that a mid-range gravity number (let’s say 30, for example) evidences a great deal of potential without that much head-to-head competition for sales.

Refunds can be a real problem for Clickbank affiliates.  Obviously, you don’t receive payment when orders are cancelled and Clickbank requires publishers to offer a generous money back guarantee policy. You want to avoid dealing with products that suffer from frequent refunds.

Clickbank won’t actually tell you what the refund rate for a given product is. The marketplace portion of the site does, however, provide the statistical information you’ll need to calculate cancellation rates. Information about calculating refunds is readily available online (just Google “Clickbank refund calculator” and you’ll find tools that you can use to uncover this information).

You’re going to be an affiliate marketer for one reason: money. You’ll make money in the form of a commission payment every time you send a visitor to the product sales page who decides to purchase the product. It’s obvious that you must consider commissions when determining which products to promote.

There are two different factors to consider here. First, you’ll want to analyze the payout per sale. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to work at promoting a product that won’t pay your very much, if anything relative to your efforts. Second, you’ll want to consider the percentage of the total sale price offered as a commission payment.

Clickbank is recognized as having some of the most generous commission payments available and it isn’t uncommon to find publishers who are willing to offer you 50% or more of the total purchase price.

The product itself, of course, is another consideration. You don’t want to work to promote a product that seems silly, unnecessary or ill conceived. Unfortunately, there’s no mechanism available via Clickbank to actually review the product. That leaves you with a few different options. You can base your decision on the sales page (you can see that) or reviews of the products available elsewhere online.

You may also purchase a copy of the product so that you may review it yourself.

have had success in asking the publisher for a copy of the product prior to beginning promotion. Your success with that effort will vary greatly based on the publishers involved and the niche in which the product competes.

Sales page
The product’s sales page is going to be a key factor in your success as an affiliate.

You’re going to be sending hard-earned traffic to that page, so you want to make sure that it has the potential to convert visitors into buyers. Review the sales page carefully and assess its quality.

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of effective copywriting, do some research on the topic. Familiarize yourself with proven sales copy and compare the product sales page with those that have produced great results in the past.

Publisher Support
Some publishers offer nothing more than a sales page and a commission when sales are made. And in some cases, that’s enough. Other publishers go the extra mile. They provide affiliates with helpful resources to assist them in driving traffic and in pre-selling the product.

Check for affiliate resources when choosing among products. All other things being close to equal, the presence of tools like keyword lists, sample ads, free content and product graphics can help you to find the best product to promote.

Driving Traffic
When you boil it all down, Clickbank affiliate marketing is really just a matter of securing traffic with an interest in the product or its niche and directing it via hoplink to the sales page.

After you’ve selected a product, you’ll need to start driving traffic to that sales page.

Let’s look at some of the most common methods Clickbank affiliates use to get the job done.

Search Engine Traffic
Search engine traffic is the holy grail of Internet marketing. Everyone wants it and it’s immensely valuable. Search engine traffic is pre-qualified in the sense that the visitors were intentionally trying to find information related to the product. Additionally, one doesn’t need to pay on a per visitor basis for search engine traffic. It’s cheaper than advertising.

There are many factors at play with respect to securing search engine traffic and a full discussion of techniques is well beyond the scope of this report. However, it is worth noting that using search engine traffic as a way to produce affiliate sales will generally involve construction and maintenance of a web site unique from the product sales page. Affiliates attract traffic to their site and then direct it to the product sales page.

Article Marketing
Over the last few years, article marketing has emerged as one of the most popular ways to engage in Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Affiliates write informative articles on the topic area to which the product relates. They then place these articles on free article directory sites. These sites ( is the best known) allow the author to place a bio or resource box on the bottom of the article. This resource box may contain links to the product sales page or to a landing page specifically designed to pre-sell the product (EzineArticles doesn’t allow direct links from articles to affiliate sales pages, making landing pages a must).

People find the articles either by browsing the directory site or by conducting searches online. In that sense, article marketing is a variation on search engine traffic strategies.

Article writing does require a certain set of skills and an understanding of effective keyword research to produce optimal results. When it’s done correctly, it can be a powerful way to drive traffic.

Social Networking
Social media sites are the new frontier in traffic production. Networking and social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and others provide a unique opportunity to advise others of a product and to direct them to a landing page or the product’s sales page.

If you’re experienced with these options, you’ll know that it’s possible to reach a large and targeted group via social networking sites. Although the jury is still out with respect to this technique’s overall effectiveness, there is good reason to believe that it could be a powerful tool in the right hands.

PPC stands for “pay per click”. PPC advertising involves bidding on keywords to obtain placement of your advertisement alongside organic search results at search engines like Google or on partner websites.

You’ve undoubtedly seen those little “powered by Google” ads on other sites and on the sidebar of the pages when you perform a search. These are paid advertisements and they’re a well-known example of PPC advertising.

With PPC, you pay the program administrator for every click your ads receive. Although it can be very effective, it can also be quite expensive if not managed correctly. PPC isn’t the best option for the raw beginner, but many Clickbank affiliates have found that it’s a great way to produce regular profits.

It’s important to note that most of the better PPC programs (most notably, of course, Google’s Adwords program) won’t allow advertisers to send visitors to an affiliate sales page. If you plan on working with PPC, you will need a landing page or website to which visitors can be sent.

Email Marketing
One of the most popular sayings in the Internet marketing world is “the money is in the list”. It refers to the fact that one can generate a great deal of traffic and sales by building a large list of prospects and emailing them with offers.

Email marketing has long been a popular means of generating sales and it can work well for Clickbank affiliates. We’ll discuss the basics of list building later in this guide.

No Limits
The traffic generation methods listed above represent only a tiny fraction of available options. You’re limited only by your creativity when it comes to driving traffic. You might be a whiz with videos. Perhaps you’ll use forum posting to drum up interest. You could have a plan to buy non-PPC advertising. There are many options and all of them can, at least hypothetically, work.

Don’t limit yourself to the basics. Feel free to experiment and to pursue all available sources of traffic.

Landing Pages
When someone clicks on your PPC ad, they’ll arrive at your landing page. That landing page will be the destination for those who read your articles and then click on the resource box link.

Landing pages are a key component of successful affiliate marketing and they deserve some serious attention!

What they are
The average landing page is a one-page mini-site designed to accomplish a few goals. First, it meets the requirements of various traffic generation options who won’t allow you to send traffic directly to the sales page. Second, it will introduce the visitor to the product, emphasizing the product’s desirability and “pre selling” the visitor. Third, it will give the reader a convenient and unmistakable way to move on to the actual product sales page. Fourth, it can be used to collect email addresses as part of a list-building effort.

Most landing pages are relatively brief and focus on either promoting one specific product or multiple products within a niche.

Do you really need them?
Theoretically, you could make money as a Clickbank affiliate without using landing pages. You could work with traffic generation techniques that allow the use of your hoplink and you’d never have to create or manage a landing page of your own.

However, that would be an uphill struggle. In practical terms, you probably need a sales page. The best article directories require them. The good PPC programs require them. Plus, there are actual advantages to using landing pages that no one should dismiss.

Why you should use them
Obviously, using landing pages increases your flexibility and allows you to access a variety of traffic producing options that are closed to those who rely exclusively on utilizing their hoplink.

There are other advantages, too. First, research suggests that a good landing page can actually produce a higher rate of conversion than simply sending visitors to the sales page. Pre-selling works. Second, maintaining a landing page gives you a chance to collect email addresses. You can build your own valuable list by using a smart landing page.

Elements & Tips
If you have a good landing page, it will be that much easier to profit as a Clickbank affiliate. Here are a few recommendations for creating a landing page that will boost your sales numbers.

Keep it simple. This isn’t the place to show off your fancy design skills. You want to “force” one or two actions. You want to move the visitor to the sales page and you want to capture his or her email address. Good-looking design will help you out, but bells, whistles and complications are unnecessary.

There are different ways of handling landing page content. Some people like to push
the product relentlessly. Others prefer to offer more neutral informative material. Some will focus more on capturing email addresses than on the product itself. Others create review sites as a way of encouraging traffic flow to the sales page.

No matter what system you use, you do need to keep it relatively brief. You also want to make sure you’re using high quality material. Spend some time writing your landing page for maximum effectiveness and readability. If that’s not one of your strengths, find someone else to take care of the job for you.

Collecting Email Addresses
No Internet marketing resource would be complete without using the old saying at least twice. So let’s do it again. The money is in the list. You should use your landing page to get access to that money!

Why it’s important
If you aren’t collecting email addresses, you’re limiting your relationship with visitors to a one-time meeting. You get them, you send them to the sales page and you hope they buy something. If they do, you’ll make money. If they don’t, you won’t. And you’ll never get a second chance. Even if they do buy, you won’t get another chance to deal with them. If you’re not collecting email addresses, you’re just letting these potential (repeat) customers get away.

If you do get an email address, you can market to them repeatedly. By putting someone on your list, you have access to him or her until he or she opts to get off. Instead of working hard to drive traffic that you only interact with as they read your landing page, capturing email addresses allows you to forge longer and more profitable relationships.

How to do it
Capturing email addresses isn’t that difficult. It usually involves putting a simple form on your landing page that requests the address and a name from the visitor.

You can convince people to sign up for your list by offering them something of value. This might be a multi-part e-course. It could be a special file or an ebook that the audience may find interesting. Encouraging sign ups by offering a valuable inducement can be quite effective.

Using your list
Building a list is only half of the issue. The other half is using it to your advantage. The details of successful email marketing are beyond the scope of this report. There are many ways to maintain and market to lists and all Clickbank affiliates should evaluate some of the more popular techniques.

You should know that successfully using your list will require a willingness to generate email messages and the use of an auto responder system.

The Clickbank Publisher
As you’ve seen, there’s a lot of room to make money as a Clickbank affiliate. There’s also a great deal of potential in being a Clickbank publisher. In fact, it’s often possible to make more money as a product owner than as an affiliate--even when you’re doling out hefty commission payments!

The chief advantage of being a publisher is easy to spot. Instead of being left to try to sell your product alone, you can use Clickbank to recruit a massive organization of affiliates. Even after offering commission payments, the sheer volume of potential sales can make Clickbank publishing a winning proposition.

Product Creation
In order to be a publisher, you need a high quality, marketable product. So, let’s start our examination of the role of a Clickbank publisher at the beginning--product creation.

Clickbank deals in the sale of digital products. That means you can’t effectively harness the site’s power to sell physical goods. If you’ve come up with a better mousetrap, you can sell the plans as a digital download with Clickbank. You can’t however, sell the actual traps.

The nature of Clickbank products varies considerably. They cover virtually every niche available and come in all sorts of lengths and structures. All of the successful products, however, ascribe to the simple principles noted earlier in this text. Marketing is about finding a need in the marketplace and providing a product to meet that need. In this case, that means finding information shortfalls and creating a digital product to supply that desired information.

Market Research
Market research is a key component to product development. You need to know what people really want and need. You also need to ascertain whether or not people will then be willing to pay to have that desire met (and, if so, how much they’ll be willing to pay).

Clickbank publishers, sometimes referred to as vendors, will take great pains to find needs within marketplace niches. That can involve an examination of other products, monitoring the habits and comments of people within a given niche and more.

Product Creation
Once a would-be publisher finds an opportunity, it’s time to actually create a product. Clickbank products are downloadable, digital affairs. They may consist of text (like this report), images and/or videos.

Project creation involves gathering the information necessary to produce the final product and assembling it to create an attractive offer for those who might be interested in obtaining the final product.

That could involve writing a lengthy ebook, creating tutorial videos or just about anything else you can imagine. Take a look at the Clickbank marketplace and you’ll soon realize that Clickbank projects come in a wide variety of “shapes and sizes”.

There are a few things a publisher should keep in mind when engaged in product creation. There should be a constant reflection upon quality and a commitment to providing something that the target audience will find both valuable and irresistible!

Some people are great at generating ideas and conducting research but aren’t necessarily talented at putting all of that together in the form of a final project. That doesn’t rule them out as potential Clickbank publishers, though.

Many publishers outsource much, if not all, of the product creation process. They rely on talented freelancers and experts-for-hire. This is a great shortcut to product creation and can often result in a superior product than what might result from the efforts of the publisher marketer alone.

Outsourcing does come with its share of complications, of course. One must clearly communicate a product vision to the freelancer. It’s important to develop project management skills to make sure everything is done correctly and in a timely fashion. It’s good to learn how to get the best work from the best people at an affordable price.

There’s a learning curve associated with outsourcing, but it’s a curve worth scaling. If you can master outsourcing, you can translate a series of good ideas into a collection of impressive and imminently sellable products.

Once you have a product, you need to determine its price. There is a variety of factors at play when making that determination.

Publishers need to look at the expense incurred during product creation. They need to accurately assess the relative value of the completed product. They need to apply and understanding of the target audience. They need to investigate the prices of any competing products within the same niche.

Once a price is determined, it’s important to remember that it isn’t carved in stone. A publisher may want to test the product at a variety of price point in order to find the option that will provide maximum profitability.

Sales Page
Publishers need a sales page. This is where prospective buyers will be sent and it’s designed specifically to persuade visitors to purchase the product.

Writing effective copy is an art form that defies simple explanation. One should either outsource the sales page authoring process or prepare himself or herself to perform the task by researching proven copywriting techniques.

Clickbank has a series of specific requirements for all sales materials. Publishers must abide by the site’s terms of service in order to qualify the project for inclusion in the Clickbank marketplace.

Required Web Presence
If you’re going to be a publisher, you’re going to need a web presence. You’ll need a place to host your sales page, and a place to store the product online so that others may download it after purchase. You’ll also need a “thank you” page to which buyers will be directed after making their purchase.

These aren’t just practical requirements. They’re also mandated by Clickbank rules. All publishers should carefully read all Clickbank publisher requirements to be certain that they have all necessary elements in place and correctly structured.

Submitting to Clickbank
When you have everything put together, it’s time to submit your product to Clickbank. That involves providing all necessary information to the site and paying a nominal fee for inclusion.

Clickbank will evaluate the materials and will either advise the publisher of acceptance or explain what adjustments are necessary to get the product into the marketplace.

Getting your product into the marketplace is an exciting moment, but that milestone is really just the beginning for those who want to attract a corps of affiliates who’ll be thrilled to promote the final product.

Attracting Affiliates
The ability to attract multiple affiliates is the big benefit of selling through Clickbank. That makes taking efforts to attract affiliates a critical aspect of the publisher’s role.

Setting a Commission
Affiliates aren’t involved with Clickbank out of kindness. They want to make money.  One of the first things they look at is the commission offered per sale of a product.

Affiliates look at a few things with respect to commissions. There’s the question of the actual sales price and the percentage of that price the affiliate will receive.

Many online affiliate networks offer relatively low commissions. That’s not the case with Clickbank, which is known for its high commission rates. If you set your commission percentage (and amount) too low, it will be hard to attract affiliates.

Obviously, you don’t want to give away so much that you won’t be able to have a
profitable experience. At the same time, you will need to put together an attractive package. It can be a real balancing act.

Tools & Resources for Affiliates
Some publishers can succeed purely based on product quality and marketability.  Others will find that the best way to get ahead with affiliates is by offering them as much as they can to make the process of selling the product easier.

Publishers can provide affiliates with landing page templates, graphics, advertisements, free content, keywords lists and just about anything else that might be helpful when marketing the product.

Creating an “affiliate area” that’s chock-full of valuable tools and resources can be a great way to inspire affiliates to back a product.

Contacting Affiliates
Part of the aforementioned affiliate area should involve getting an email address from your affiliates. This will give you, the publisher, an easy way to contact affiliates whenever necessary.

You might want to make contact to advise them of special sales pricing, new tools, inspirational messages, additional content or changes to your commission structure.  Affiliate Outreach Publishers don’t need to rely purely on what they’re doing on Clickbank to attract affiliates. They can also spread the word about their product and their desire to find affiliates at other websites frequented by Internet marketers.

Sharing a “sales pitch” for the promotion of your project with potential affiliates is a great way to inspire participation. If you have an email list in the IM niche or can access one inexpensively (buying advertising), you can spread the word about your product and why affiliates should be interested in promoting it. Get the word out in any way you can!

Every affiliate you find could end up putting a great deal of money in your pocket.

Making Your Own Sales
Although attracting affiliates is at the heart of why publishers use Clickbank, having a product listed on the site doesn’t serve as an impediment to making one’s own sales.

Don’t stop promoting your product to its niche just because affiliates are doing the same thing! There’s room for all of you and every sale counts. All of the methods for driving traffic discussed in the affiliate portion of this report still apply (with the exception of the fact you, as the product owner, will be able to send traffic directly to your sales page).

Hopefully this guide has provided you with some usable insight regarding Clickbank and some ideas about how you can use this massive affiliate site to your advantage.

In order to get the most out of Clickbank, however, you’ll need an understanding of some details. We strongly advise anyone with an interest in using Clickbank to carefully review the sites terms of service, rules and frequently asked question area. You’ll find a wealth of information about Clickbank at Clickbank!
Clickbank isn’t the only affiliate network out there, but it’s one of the most popular. The barrier to entry is low, commissions are high and the site has an established reputation for making its payments.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing or in selling as many copies of your own product as possible, you owe it to yourself to take a long and serious look at Clickbank. It’s been a profitable endeavor for many in the Internet marketing field and might be perfect for you, too.

This report is about making money with Clickbank. It covers the basics of using the site as both an affiliate and as a publisher. We discuss techniques and strategies used by professional marketers that may help you to use Clickbank to your advantage.

We should note, however, that we are not making any guarantees regarding earnings or the profitability of utilizing Clickbank. We do not warranty or guarantee the strategies discussed and will not make any assurances that your adoption of those strategies will result in any income.

That’s not because we don’t believe in the methods. We’ve reviewed them all carefully and we know from experience that they have worked for many marketers. However, marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Every individual is different and changing circumstances can change the playing field. Individual success is a byproduct of many different components and many different variables may come into play. Because every case is uniquely fact-dependent, we simply can’t guarantee that you will obtain any specific results.

The authors of this report disclaim any and all responsibility for consequences experienced due to following its recommendations and assessments. Although we’ve made every effort to provide accurate information, we disclaim any and all warranty or guarantee of the accuracy of the information contained herein. You are responsible for your own actions and their consequences and understand that the authors have no liability for the consequences of your decisions and actions.

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  • ETC
People are really at their wits end out there. They have problems (real or perceived) and anyone with a problem they think is bad enough wants a solution. As a merketer it's your job to provide those solutions and put cash in your pockets.

Most of the people in this world who pay attention to the media get caught up in talk about the cost of living or gas prices. Because of that, they either want to make more money to help ease the strain of how much things cost or they're trying to find ways to save money to make their dollars stretch farther in tough times.

As a marketer you're in a position to help people do both and make money at the same time.

It just takes a little bit of initiative.

Pay attention to the news and current events.

News outlets spend a lot of time and money advertising certion issues. Issues you can quickly profit from. They also spend a fair amout of time using fear to get their stories read.

Pay special attention to the things the media is getting people all worked up over. There is always money to be made whenever people get uncomfortable and the news outlets are masters at making people uncomfortable even if they shouldn't be. People will always pay good money to be comfortable again.

Your job as a marketer is to sell products peroid. It's not your job to worry about if people really need the products you're selling. If you see a situation where people will buy something then sell it to them and get your money.

It's up to each individual person to decide if they should buy something.

Never Feel Bad About Making Money

People have the right to exercise their own personal responsibility. If they don't and they buy something they really don't need, that's not really your concern. Make you money and let people sort the rest out for themsleves. You're not a babysitter. You're a marketer.

I say this because one to the main things that keeps marketers from making money is the feeling that they need to personally take care of everybody and only sell the best of the best products and services and really there's no such thing.

What you're really doing is making things hard on yourself because you're scared of being successful on some level. Telling yourself that you won't sell a certain product because you don't think peop;e should buy it is a way to self-sabotage yourself.

Your job as a marketer is to present products in a way that make them appealing to people so they buy them. That's it.

If a person really believes later that they shouldn't have bought something from you or though you, that's what refund are for but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have sold it to them in the first place. Your job is to sell.

Make your money and don't feel guilty about it.

I'm not saying that you should sell people just anything to make a few bucks.

No, all I'm saying is that you should create or find a product to sell and sell it without trying to become self-appointed chancellor of consumer satisfaction and well-being.

What I just told you is the reason why some marketers are happy and well fed while others are bitter and living off top ramen.

Make you money. Feed your family. Live the life you wabt to lead and make NO excuses along the way.

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How To Get Listed On Google And Other Search Engines In Record Time

One of the top problems webmasters face is getting into the search engines quick and ranking well.  The reason is that they over complicate things and thus even risked being delisted from the search engines because of these complicated, blackhat methods.

The main component of good Search Engine Optimization is to gain quality backlinks.

Step One
Create blog at all these places -,,,,,

Step Two
Post some useful content on all these pages, then post one link back to you site.

Step Three
Ping all these blogs at these places -,,

Step Four
Watch your site appear in Google's rankings in as little as one week!

Step Five
Post to you blogs once every two or three weeks to give it fresh content that the search engines will love.

This system is a surefire way to get listed quickly.  You are leveraging on the high Pagerank (the algorithm which Google uses to judge sites) of those blog site and getting backlinks to your site, which are the key to getting ranked well on search engines.  Each backlink acts as a sort of vote to your site.  If you take a look at's Alexa ranking, it is one of the top-ranked sites in the world.  Instead of waiting months to get listed, do it in one week!

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Get Paid Every Month

 Could you use an extra $300 - $500 receiving the mail you are already getting? 
  • Right now you are probably receiving 5-10 pieces of Junk Mail everyday
  • Get paid to receive special offers by postal mail and email everyday
  • You decide how much money that you want to earn


How it works... It's easy
  1. User takes a 7 minute survey on PeopleString that helps build your personal Marketing Profile
  2. User opts into the maximum number of offers they would like to receive each day via traditional mail or email
  3. PeopleString marketing partners Pay You to receive their offers.  You can see a report on PeopleString with the offers and payouts that you are receiving.
  4. You will receive offers in your mailbox with the PeopleString logo on the envelope.  Some marketers will offer extra money to read their mail and enter a unique code on

The some friends and build your PeopleString to Earn the Big Bucks.  We pay for 6 levels of its pretty easy to start earning money on thousands of people.

FREE Accounts...Earn 5% of you Direct Referrals and 2% of their referrals for 6 levels.  All you have to do is tell a few people how to make some easy cash and you will be surprised at how fast your PeopleString grows.  You even get paid $0.50 everytime a friend joins your network in PeopleString.


Get 20% of your direct referrals and 6% of their referrals for 6 levels by signing up for the Entrepreneur Package.  The Entrepreneur Package will give you everything you need to turn Mailbox-Cashbox into an easy to run home based business that will take less than 1 hour per week.

Click Here To Sign Up

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How To Get A Taffic Explosion Using Traffic Exchanges

If you have experience in generating visitors to your website, you might have come across people saying that traffic exchanges are a poor way to get traffic. Nothing could be further from the truth! Traffic exchanges still remain in awesome way to drive free traffic to your website - if you know how to use it.

Here's how:

1. Drive visitors to an opt-in page, not a sales page

People surfing on traffic exchanges are not looking to buy anything. If you promote a sales page, you will get zero results. Instead, promote an opt-in page that collects subscribers so you can market to them over and over again in a marketing funnel. Provide a no-cost report as you lead generator to capture leads.

2. Surf many traffic exchanges at once

Download Mozilla Firefox and use their Table feature to surf many traffic exchange all at one go! This allows you to maximize your time and increase your traffic credits at different TE's at a much faster rate! Simply spending 30 minutes a day doing this will give tons of free traffic daily.

3. Refer others to the traffic exchanges

Whenever you join a TE, you want to refer others to it. When you refer others, and they receive credits from surfing the exchange, you will also get free credits. The more people you refer, the more free credits you will receive on autopilot. This is perhaps the most important factor of TE's together with opt-in pages, so start referring people to the programs you are using.

Here's my personal list of traffic exchanges:
Resource : Explosive Traffic System by Fabian Tan

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5 Tips To Make Money With Your Website

Advertising : Selling space or placing ads is one of the prime way to make money online through a blog/website. Many programs like Adsense, Yahoo, Adcenter and others pay you for showing ads on your blog/website. They might be CPC ir CPM or other types.

Link Selling: Many people sell links from their webpages to other blogs/websites. Google page rank is one of the important aspect for this along with blog/website popularity and content.

Selling Product Reviews or Blog/Website Reviews: You have to post on your own blog about other websites or products which will create a buzz for the advertiser and for you will lead to income.

Selling Through Affiliate Adverting : You can sell products from your site for others. All you have to do is join the affiliate network like Ebay, Amazon etc and then place their links on your site and try to persuade the visitors to buy them through clicking on your links. It will lead you to some very good income as commission.

Sell You Own Products : You can sell you own product through site. For example, if you are kite manufacturer then you can sell it through site as you can get orders online and you have to fulfill them.


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10 Blogging Mistakes / Why Your Blog Struggles

Today while I'm clicking some of blogs/websites, I found this interesting articles. So it's good for me to share it with you all, hopefully it will improves our blog performances. Good luck and keep up a good work !!!

1. Hopelessly Devoted To You

It doesn’t really matter the event: golfing, dancing, chess or blogging. If you want to find success you have to be devoted. Tiger Woods has said that he often hits a thousand balls at the driving range a day. Folks, that’s devotion!

There’s no doubt about it, lack of dedication is the number one reason for struggling blogs. How many hours do you devote to your blog a day?

2. Going Solo

Did we learn nothing from Roger Waters or David Lee Roth?! Sometimes going solo is not a wise choice.

If your blog is of the more personal nature where you show off family pictures and give your opinions of movies then it makes sense that you would go it alone. However, if you are taking on a more commercial subject you may be kidding yourself trying to do an adequate job alone.

You may need to put your pride in check and get some help. This blog was created to provide webmasters with information on all aspects of the web including: design, development and promotion. That’s a huge task! The best move I made was bringing in others that specialized in areas where I was weak.

According to Technorati, there are over 175,000 new blogs every day. It’s a saturated field and it’s only getting worse. It’s my opinion that the blogs of the future are going to be run by teams, not individuals.

Yes, I am aware there are some highly successful blogs out there run by individuals, but people like Guy Kawaski, John Battelle, Darren Rowse and Brian Clark are rare; these guys are pioneers. It’s not that it can’t be done, but the odds of long-term success are lower.

Also, remember what we talked about with devotion? Having a team can help you pick up the slack. Together we stand — divided we fall.

3. You Gotta Serve Someone

Who knew that when Bob Dylan said, “You gotta serve someone” he would be giving such great blogging advice? Who is your blog serving? Really, if you struggle to answer the question then I’m betting your blog also struggles.

If you can fill a niche or solve a problem, people will beat a path to your door and hold it open for others!

4. It’s Not About the Money

Whenever they say, “It’s not about the money” – it’s about the money!

Far too often people start blogs simply for the monetary gain. When it comes to blogging, I don’t think money is a good motivator. I think that if you lack passion for what you’re talking about your viewers will notice. Intrinsic motivation is always stronger than extrinsic motivation.

Don’t get me wrong – making money from your blog is not a bad thing, but if that is your sole motivation I don’t see your blog standing the test of time.

I would also caution you on using Adsense on your blog. I agree with Rand Fishkin when he says:

“I hate AdSense on blogs. Usually, I ignore it, but I also cast a sharp eye towards the quality of the posts and professionalism of the content when I see AdSense. That’s not to say that contextual advertising can’t work well in some blogs, but it needs to be well integrated into the design and layout to help defer criticism. Don’t get me wrong – it’s unfair to judge a blog by its cover (or, in this case, its ads), but spend a lot of time surfing blogs and you’ll have the same impression – low quality blogs run AdSense and many high quality ones don’t. I always recommend that whether personal or professional, you wait until your blog has achieved a level of success before you start advertising. Ads, whether they’re sponsorships, banners, contextual or other, tend to have a direct, negative impact on the number of readers who subscribe, add to favorites and link – you definitely don’t want that limitation while you’re still trying to get established.” [1]

5. The Bandwagon Is Not a Good Ride

You might be tempted to post that big industry news story on your blog because it fits in so well with your blog’s subject, but I would caution you on that. Unless you can add something to the story I’m not so sure I would post it. Nobody wants a dozen stories about Apple’s iPhone or whatever the hot news is in their RSS reader — especially ones that say the same thing as the first entry they already read. This can get people to unsubscribe to your feed — not good.

It’s been said before and it will be said again — there is no substitute for well written original content. To quote Seth Godin, “Cover bands don’t change the world…”

6. Give The People What They Want

The beauty of the internet is the ability to track everything in real time. Using tools (often free) like Google Analytics you can see things like: how many visitors your site received, which pages of your site are the most popular and the average time spent at your site. You can also see things like what your viewers searched for within the search engines; how many pages on average your viewers read on your site; how much time they actually invested in your site, and whether or not they are a new visitor or a loyal reader. Simply put, you can know your visitors — what they like most — and give it to them. Any other medium: TV, radio or newspapers would kill for that type of information available to them via a handful of mouse clicks. Make sure you are using it!

I think the article How to Promote Your Blog may also be worth reading on this issue.

7. Prune Your Website

When you prune plants you cut back parts of the plant to better shape it and improve fruiting. Your website should see a considerable amount of pruning too. One of the more powerful features of a website is the ability to rapidly change something that isn’t working. As we already talked about in point six, we have the ability to track everything and know if something is not making conversions.

You wouldn’t or at least shouldn’t leave dead parts of a plant still attached, they should be cut back to allow the parts that are still alive to thrive. The same is true for your website; either fix or remove what isn’t working so that the parts that are can thrive.

I will expand on this point in a future post…

8. Use An Editor

Find yourself an editor – anybody – just get one! An editor is someone who will look over your post before it goes to publication.

A good editor will find and fix punctuation, spelling and grammatical mistakes. They can tell you if something doesn’t make sense, if you need a better transition, if you should restructure a sentence or cut away an entire paragraph that’s deemed unnecessary or if you are being too braggadocious and need to tone it down. Simply put, they can clean up your post and improve upon them greatly.

It doesn’t matter if the editor is your wife or a friend; they can help! Of course you, the author, should be the first editor, but you should not be the only editor. Editing your own work is most difficult. This is because the mind can trick you! When you read over your own work the mind fills in the gaps for you. This is because in your mind you know exactly what it’s supposed to say, regardless of what it really says. So when someone else reads it – anybody else – they don’t have that problem and can see the mistakes.

An editor can mean all the difference in the world…

9. RSS Feeds

I have talked about the significance of RSS feeds on this Blog Critique post and the WordPress – From Install to Pimped Out post before. So let me summarize the key points here.

Thanks to RSS and feed readers it’s become common-place that your blog’s content gets read from a source other than your website. Because of this, you should optimize your feeds. Here are my recommendations:

  • Some people estimate that half their bandwidth goes to RSS feeds. Let FeedBurner take the hit for you by offloading your feeds to FeedBurner. Try the FeedBurner Feed Replacement plugin. This plugin will detect all ways to access your feed and redirect them to FeedBurner so you can track every possible subscriber.
  • Enable FeedBurner’s FeedFlare feature – It’s located under the Optimize tab once logged into FeedBurner. FeedFlare allows you to place a footer at the bottom of each post with such choices as to Digg this post or to add to Technorati or FeedFlare is certainly worth checking out.
  • In the WordPress Admin Panel, under Options – Reading, make sure the ‘Full text’ radio button for Feed Syndication is ticked.
10. Post Titles = Title Tags

The rookie blogger will often times create snappy post titles that are fun and humorous to humans. But, after the post is off the front-page and well into the archives the best chance it may get of being read is from the search engines.

Because of the significance of title tags on search engines one must be mindful when selecting a title for each post. This is not to say that you should neglect your human viewers in order to please a bot; never do that. A balance must be struck.

The next time you are thinking about titling a post think about the keywords that may be used in the search engines later to find it. Then try to create a title that’s still pleasing and appropriate to humans, but also includes keywords for the search engines.

For further reading on the importance of Title tags read “Title Tags – A Search Engine Optimization Cornerstone.”

If you have a blog that is struggling, try implementing some of the suggestions given and hopefully you’ll start seeing it spring back to life.


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'Read More' With or Without Button in Blogspot

1. Login to your Dasboard, click Layout -> Edit HTML -> check the “Expand Widget Template” menu.

2. Find this code,
Then, put this following code precisely above it,
<style> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>  span.fullpost {display:inline;}  <b:else/>  span.fullpost {display:none;}  </b:if>  </style>

3. Find this code,
and put the following code after or below it,
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'> Read More..</a>

You can replace 'Read More' with any words you like.  Use the following code if you want to replace 'Read More' with an image or button.  To create your own design of button, just go to or then save it to, change those in reds with your own image url.   

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><div style='text-align: right;'><img src=''/></div></a>

4. Then save you template.

5. Go To Settings -> Formatting, scroll down to the bottom of the page put the following code at the vacant space beside “Post Template”:

<span class="fullpost">

6. Click “Save Settings”. That's it, you're Done!!!.

Whenever you want to write an article, make sure you click the “Edit HTML”, not the “Compose”. You will see in the posting box this following code (in blue):

Put the paragraph you want to show here <span class="fullpost"> Put the rest entry in here </span>

Hope you like this tips, keep up a good work!!!

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Train To Blog

If you're reading this you are likely ready to start making money online. One question I get all the time is how much many can you make with a blog or a website? Th answer: It's limitless. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions.

But, where the rainbow shines there is also one thing to remember: You could also make nothing. Now most marketers wouldn't tell you that but as you're reading this I want you to know who makes money online and who doesn't.

The guy/gal who makes money is the one that comes into this and tells themselves “I will learn this and make money” likely will. The person who says “There is no way to make money online” probably won't.

You can do the exact same thing. In fact, I quit my job in less than 12 months and blogging paid a very large part in that! What I am going to introduce to you today is blogging. More importantly a way to make a lot of money blogging. So what is a blog? Well a blog is basically a website that allows you to easily update it and make changes to it without knowing a bunch of code or a lot of technical
language. Blogs are also one of the easiest ways to make money online.

So what can your blog be about?
Anything. Throughout this guide I will show you how to build your blog from scratch and how to make it profitable. So read through this guide and get prepared to go on a fun and profitable journey.

Step 1: Finding Something To Blog About

In the introduction I mentioned that you can blog about anything. More importantly you can blog about anything and make money. Let me show you a couple of examples of blogs.

Example 1). Perez Hilton is a blog dedicated to celebrity gossip. Perez is now one of the most well known bloggers. This is more of a news style blog that gets a lot of traffic. This site makes money by advertiser clicks and paying sponsors.

Example 2). Food Dehydrator Pro is an example of a more commercial site that makes money using affiliates programs and ad banners. You'll also notice this site takes the appearance of a normal looking website.

Keep in mind those are examples but what I wanted you to see was the contrast. Notice how different those two blogs are, but keep in mind that both of those make money. The first blog is a normal blog which means every time the owner makers a new post the homepage (mainpage of the site changes). The second site is a static blog which means that the homepage never changes unless the owner decided to change the home page itself. A static blog always looks more like a normal website. We'll get deeper into this topic later on. If you're in my Niche Blitzkrieg course you'll be building static blogs.

Selecting a blogging topic

So as mentioned above you can blog about ANYTHING. I know I repeated this several time but it's true and I want you to understand that anything can make you money.

So here's how to find something to blog about:
A). Think of your hobbies.
B). Think of items that you buy. Keep in mind these shouldn't be items you can buy at a grocery store. Although I suppose you could.
C). Everyday use items. What do you use daily? Have pets? Have kids? Notice that the 3 things I just mentioned all involve using products daily. For instance you kids probably use a certain type of toothpaste they use. You could make a kids toothpaste review site. Maybe your pet eats a certain type of treats. You could make a blog site talking about what's in the treats and why the readers pet should eat certain brands. Maybe you love coffee? Then why not make a blog reviewing types of coffee or simply recommending different types of coffee?

On any of these topics you can put up ads or promote affiliate products that will make you money. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the ways to find things that you want to blog about. We'll get more into using ads and affiliate products later on.

Keyword Research

After you find a topic that you'd like to make a blog about you need to do something called “keyword research.” Keyword research is vital to any website and without doing it your website is doomed to fail. Keyword research will allow us to find out what specific phrases people are typing in to find the topic you want to blog about.

For instance let's say you want to do a blog about “Cat Treats” you'd want to know what type of cat treats people are looking for. Someone might be looking for “Greenies Cat Treats” or “Turkey Flavored Cat Treats” but without keyword research we'd have no idea.

To start keyword research you need to go log into a free tool called Google Adwords Tool.

Once you log in you'll see a page that looks like this:
  1. Enter the desired keywords that you want to look deeper into. In this case we'll use cat treats.
  2. Enter the code (You'll only have to do this once per session).
  3. Click get keyword ideas.
  4. Click to continue reading...

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Easy Cash Blueprint

- Introduction

Hi and welcome to Easy Cash Blueprint.

In this report I am going to outline a simple step-by-step system that I use to come out with profit producing sites quickly and easily.

I come out with new reports all the time using the exact same techniques in this report and I am positive you can do it too.

The best thing about this system is that you can duplicate it.

Once you have it down to where you can make money with it, you can do it over and over and over again which will keep making you more money.

Think if you had 20 different hot reports selling in different markets all making you money 24 hours a day.

It’s nice to think about, but even nicer to actually accomplish.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1 - Create A Report To Sell!

First, you have to find a market and create something to sell to that market.

You probably already have a market in mind that you know a product will sell in, so tons of market research generally isn’t needed.

Weight loss products are selling, Internet marketing products sell well, etc.. Some markets that you may want to enter won’t need extra work to see what sells.

But, if you are unsure, I suggest going to your local grocery store and checking out the magazine rack.

If there is a market that buys products, there is a magazine for it and going to your local grocery store’s magazine rack is an incredibly easy and cheap way to do a ton of quick market research.

Nobody is going to spend the time and money to create a magazine for a market that doesn’t buy anything, so the magazine publisher has already done the hard work for you.

And, there will be all kinds of ideas and web sites in those magazines that can give you ideas for your reports, and web sites to advertise on later when you have everything set up.

Plus, you can buy a few magazines and get tons of good articles/web sites/etc.. for less then $20-30.

After you have picked a topic/market for your report, you just need the content for your report..

Where do you get it? Well, you have 3 options.

1. You can write it yourself. This would ensure that it is unique and is the best option..
I write all of the reports I sell in the Internet marketing market, but use other people’s or buy it for other markets.

2. Or, if you swear you cannot write, then you can hire somebody else to do it. This option will cost the most but require very little time on your part..

There are plenty of ghostwriters out there who will charge a fee to write you an ebook/report/article..

Obviously it will cost more for more pages and usually the good ones will be much higher priced as well. If you skimp here and go with a cheap ghostwriter you may get a poorly written report so be careful.

Also, be very clear about what you want to avoid confusion.

Make sure that you state how many pages you want, what the font size should be, the chapter titles, etc..

Be very specific in every aspect of the report so that whoever you hire does things your way and not theirs.

3. You can use private label content. This would be the least unique but would be cheap and would work if you are not a writer.

Here is what I do with private label content to make it much better. I get all kinds of private label reports, articles and ebooks on one topic, read them all, take out the best stuff from each private label item and make one "best of" report.

So this means I get the best information from various different sources as oppose to one source where some of it
is good information, and some of it is bland/outdated/rehashed...

I suggest you do the same. This way, you do not have to write anything, you just copy and paste most of it into one great report!

Finding PLR products to make your “best of” report will come quite easy as they are literally everywhere. Just go to and type in "private label ebooks", "private label resell rights", etc.. and you will see what I mean.

You are looking for private label ebooks/reports that come with sales letters. No software! Software is way too much work.

If they come with sales letters, then you do the same when writing your sales letter by making a “best of” sales letter to sell your report.

The best places I have found are the memberships that give you two new ebooks per month with sales letters for like $30. That’s a product with PLR with a sales letter for 15 bucks that you can make money with for years to come.

Plus, you usually get access to all of the previous months products! I am not going to give you a list because these sites go up and down often and the list will be outdated quick. Just go to and do the search and you will find plenty.

You can even do this with just one PLR book. Let’s say you just want to create a 20-30 page report and you got the private label rights to a 100 page ebook.

You can edit it down to a “best of” 25 page report by cutting out the 75 least helpful pages.

That way your customer gets just the guts, the best parts of that 100 page book.

What do you edit?

Well since it is private label, you can change anything you want. 

- Naming Products/Buying Domains

The first thing you are going to change is the title. Just think up something clever, it doesn't have to be perfect.

There is a simple trick that you can use to name your products (and also use it when you buy domain names)
to make it not only easy to remember, but also stick with people and make you somewhat unique.

It is actually a branding technique that big companies use to create a more memorable brand for their products/business.

The trick is simple, start each word with the same letter.

For an example, how about the donut chain Krispy Kreme.

While we are on donuts, how about Duncan Donuts. (now I’m hungry)

It kind of makes it roll off the tongue better, and also of course, easier to remember.

Another trick that helps with branding is to make your product name rhyme with itself.

Use these two ideas when naming products and buying domains as much as possible.

Also, make sure to appeal to human psychology. Use words like:
  • Secrets
  • Breakthrough
  • System
  • Undercover
People love to think they are getting knowledge that nobody else is, so just naming your product something

Hollywood Makeup Secrets Revealed or Breakthrough Bass Fishing Secrets and etc..

Just doing ideas like that can help increase sales.

Next thing you want to edit is the actual book itself. Don't worry, you don't have to write anything.

Just skim through it and delete all of the fluff and filler. The more products I sell online, the more I am realizing that people are sick of long lengthy ebooks that are filled with crap.

Just cut your PLR products down to the meat - the reason why the customer paid for the book.

You're not going to be selling these products for a ton of money, so you don't need to have filler in it to try and increase the value.

Most PLR ebooks that you get will be in the 40-80 page range. After I get done cutting the filler out of most books, I am left with about 20-30 pages of pure meat, which is just fine. Your customers will thank you for that.

Remember, you are looking for the best information from all of your PLR sources. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 5 PLR ebooks/reports, get the best information from all of them and turn them into one hot report.

Also remember that you can do volumes. For instance; Let’s say you found a ton of PLR stuff with lots of good information for one market.

Create a Volume 1 and sell it, then a few weeks later, release your Volume 2 to the same people who were interested in Volume 1. Depending on how much good information you have, this could go on for quite awhile making you tons of easy money!

Another idea you may want to consider is to create product packages.

If you have been online in the Internet marketing industry for any length of time, you will have seen where people take like 10 products and bundle them into one package, and sell it for cheap..

Although this is common in the Internet marketing market, it is rarely seen in other markets and works very well.

Now you don't have to bundle 10 products, just 2 or 3 would make your offer more powerful..

Whichever you decide, the point is to make it stand out from the rest a little bit.
  • Change the title
  • Cut the fat
  • Package it with other PLR products of the same topic
  • Combine
  • etc..
The point is, none of this takes a lot of time. You don't have to write any new content.

Well ok, you may have to come up with new chapter names or write some “connector” paragraphs, but nothing major I assure you.

If you were to write a 100 page ebook, it might take you days, or weeks. But to edit one will just take a few hours if you are SLOW.

You don't have to spend too much time on this. Just reading (skimming) the PLR book will tell you if it’s worth selling. If it is, quickly make the changes- or cut out the best information and paste it in a new file, then move on to the next PLR book and do the same.

Somebody else has already spent the time editing these books once, so you just need to get in and modify the main things and be done with it.

And then, use something like to turn it into a PDF file and you're done.

Quick, Easy, Cheap

Private label is incredible for those who know how to take advantage of it- and you are now one of those people!

Step 2 Create Your Sales Site

Now that you have a new unique “best of” product, you need a site to sell it on.

All you really need is a 2 page site, one sales letter and one order form.

A good thing about PLR ebooks is that most come with sales letters.

Now, these aren't the best sales letters on the planet- Although, they aren't the worst either. They are usually written by a professional copywriter, but usually a cheap copywriter- But they are certainly useable. Heck, sometimes I put these sales letters up unedited and they convert at 4-5%, so you may be surprised.

All you really need to make money online is an average sales ratio, which is 1-2%. Which means 1 to 2 people will buy out of every 100 visitors who see the sales page.

To put it one way, marketing is a numbers game, and these numbers are the most important...How much traffic you are getting, and how much of that traffic is buying. All of the other crap you read is just another way to make making money online more complicated than it has to be.

So just focus on these two things- getting traffic, and converting it into sales.

So what do you do with the sales letter that came with your PLR ebook? Make it unique of course..

If you only edited one ebook into a “best of” report, then you just need to edit the one sales letter that came with it. But if you used multiple sources to come up with your report, then making a “best of” sales letter will work.

First, delete all of the graphics.

You changed the name of the product already, and the graphics on the sales letter most likely have the original name of the product all over them, so they are now useless.

Actually, the header graphic was already useless. Header graphics decrease sales!

You don't need fancy graphics to make a sales page convert, they just look good..

The only graphic that I use is a software box style cover that I create. If you cannot create graphics like me, then I suggest using a software program to do them for you.

Next, change the headline and all sub-headlines to the color red. Red sells better than any other color.

And then, read it.

Read the entire letter (or letters) and put yourself in the customers shoes. Edit what you like or don't like.

That's it really, you're done. I don't edit them too much because it is a waste of time. The reason is because you don't know if they are going to sell well the way they are, you have to try it and see.

So I do the little editing that I just mentioned, then put it online and start driving traffic to it to see how well it does.

Sometimes it'll bring in an average sales ratio, sometimes bigger, and sometimes it'll be a flop. Those are the only things that can happen, and you shouldn't be bothered by any of them.

If it flops, its time to modify the copy some, starting with the headline. Also be sure to do a search on to see what your competition is doing. I don't suggest taking any of their copy, but getting ideas from them ain't a bad idea.

So when you have a PLR product that flops, go around and see how other successful sales letters are written and get some ideas.

There is also pricing to consider.

As I said before, these reports will be short after you edit them, 20-30 pages or so. So your prices will be low.

Here are some good price points that work well.

- 7
- 9.97
- 14
- 17
- 19
- 24
- 27
- 34
- 37

I usually sell these products from 7-27 dollars. That seems to be a good range for optimum amount of money per visitor.

Don’t be afraid of the low price points either. $7 per sale may not seem like much but you have to remember that you will also have backend products and affiliate programs which you will sell to those customers, and those people will also be added to your customer list.

Plus, low price points will usually generate much higher sales ratios which is a good way to lead people into your sales funnel.

Okay, so far, you have not invested that much time or money.

Actually, by this time, you have barely done any work at all and yet you have a product and sales letter ready to go.

Upload it to your web site and start sending traffic to it.

Do you need a domain name for it? Nope, not yet at least.

Upload it to a domain name that you already own. For instance, if you own

Then create:

If it sells without its own domain name, it will sell with one. This way, if it flops and you can't get it selling, you can just trash the idea and move on without having lost out on a domain name.

And believe me, don't be afraid to ditch the idea if it is becoming more work then it is worth. Sometimes these products just aren't going to sell the way you have the sales letter and product set up.

They would need a complete redo to start selling well, and with all of the different PLR products out there, it is just easier and a lot less work to ditch the loser and go find a winner.

But don’t ditch the content. If it is good content and you came up with a really killer “best of” report, then you can use it for a whole host of other ideas.

Like giving it away for free to build a list or promote an affiliate program.

I have setup plenty of these PLR sites using the exact same ideas above and some just won't sell. I will modify some and if it still doesn't sell, screw it- NEXT!

It also doesn't matter if things are perfect. So many people are sitting there, working on a project for months trying to get everything perfect...huh?? Just launch it already, nothing is perfect!

Do it fast and get it out there to sell.

- Create A Second Offer For Bigger Profits!

Here is a good way to boost profits by 30% or more. All you do is sell another product to the person who just bought a product from you on the thank you page.

This is a simple upsell that I’m sure you have seen a hundred times before.

So they order product A, and on the thank you page, you sell them product B.

Products A and B should be related of course.

To make it ultra powerful, call the second offer a One-Time offer and tell the customer that they will only see the sales page for product B this one time, and they will never get a chance to buy the product again.

The scarcity and limited time factors work wonders in marketing. People equate value to things that are rare or scarce or limited. And if your product is only available that one time, it will increase orders.

Again, you have probably seen this One-Time-Offer deal before if you have anything to do with the Internet marketing market. Same concept, just use it with these PLR product ideas, it works like a charm (and works better in markets outside of Internet marketing because it isn’t so ridiculously common)!

This will also allow you to spend more of your profits on advertising. You can even spend all of the money you make on Product A on advertising because you will make all of your profits on product B sales.

This makes getting traffic a whole lot easier...

If you don’t have to make any money up front on your ads because you know you will convert 20+ percent of those customers into second offer buyers, then generating tons of traffic to your site is incredibly simple!

This is what you are striving for!

You can create the second report/offer the same way you created the first, with PLR!  Something else that I have used on these sales letters is video..

You simply create a video of the actual product itself.

By video I mean a screen capture video using a program like You use it like a "Here is what you can have in minutes" idea. You call it a "tour of our product".

It is very simple to do and hasn't failed yet to increase sales, it works every time!

I'll give you a quick outline of how this can be done.

1) Start up the screen cam software, and welcome the viewer to the product tour video.

2) Login to your members area where the product will be downloaded. (If you don’t have a members are and are just emailing a .PDF file to your customers to deliver your product, then just open up the file..)

3) Show the download page, discuss the bonuses, etc.. Talk about everything they receive when they order and show them in the download page.

4) Show them the chapters in the book while reading some of it. This is a big part, it shows the viewer that the product is real, shows how it is presented, and they get a quick taste of exactly what is inside.

5) Thank the viewer for watching the video and remind them that they can have this within minutes from now.

Also, if you have an affiliate program, you could give them a quick glance at that and tell them they could recoup their investment by just referring 2 friends (or whatever, this is a simple way to make your product seem risk free!)..

One last tip, it is a good idea to have some links to some unadvertised bonuses in the download area as well. Make sure to show them that and to say something like "Here are some secret bonuses that I didn't mention on the product site".

Once you have the video completed and uploaded to your server, you need to link to it on the sales page.

I have been testing this and have found that the best place is right after you list the product benefits- Before the price and guarantee.
You could also build your list with this. I haven't tried it but I'm sure that you could say:

"Subscribe today and receive a video tour of XYZ product free!"

That would probably get some interest.

This tactic works well, so do it every chance you get ;)

Something else you can do with this video is to submit it to the video directories like and Google video.

Make sure to link back to your site in the description area to generate traffic back to your site.

This can be a quick and easy traffic generator. Search engines love video and if you do this idea you will have one to submit to the video web sites. It's quick and easy, give it a shot!

Step 3 Send Traffic To Your Site And Profit

Now that you have a product to sell, and a site to sell it, you just need traffic.

I only use 2 or 3 different methods of generating traffic to my site. Usually if I cannot get these to work, then the product is becoming more trouble then its worth and it is time to move on to another one.

- Joint ventures

Joint ventures are one of my favorite ways to get traffic, simply because you only pay for results.

And yes, you can do joint ventures with PLR content. Why would they even care? As long as it sells and it is a good quality product, then people will want to promote it.

One way to get a lot of people promoting your site is to offer huge commissions, like 70-100% and you make your money on the second offer OTO that I was talking about earlier.

Or use as your processor and use their affiliate program. I believe you can give 75% commissions to their 100k plus strong affiliate force.

People will promote, and take most of the first sales money, and you take all of the profits from the second sale and beyond.

Like I said earlier, if you do not have to make any money up front on the first product, then it is very simple to generate traffic.

- Pay for clicks

I don't really mess around with the free methods anymore (except for joint ventures of course).

It is much easier and less work to just buy the traffic.

- Use PPC (and PPC doesn't mean Adwords, there are lots of PPC advertising opportunities out there)
- Buy from web sites directly (Like the web sites who have 1st position on the PPC search engines)
- Advertise In Ezines
- Search for targeted ad networks via
- etc..

Here is what I do...

- Set up the web site and get it selling.
- Get some JV partners to promote it (I have yet to sell a product that other people wouldn't promote)
- Use the money made to buy ads like PPC or on web sites directly that have to do with what I am selling.

I also often use 100% limited time sales to promote these reports.

The concept of a 100% commission sale involves giving affiliates 100% of the initial sale, and making your money on the upsell and downsell.

You basically start off selling a product of some sort either using a nickel sale format where you would start the price low (like $5) and the price increases by $0.05 every 20 or 30 minutes- or you could sell the product at a fixed price of something low like $7 or $9.97.

When somebody buys, they are automatically enrolled in your affiliate program where they can promote your site and make 100% of the sale. This would be the $5 nickel sale that keeps increasing, or the $9.97 whichever you are doing. The money is instantly deposited into their Paypal account.

This makes it very attractive for people to promote you, so the traffic is built into the equation.

Whenever somebody buys, they are sent to the upsell page which sells another product that you (the owner) get all the money for. I always sold the upsell at $27 or so, but there is no one way to do it. I have seen $7 upsells, and $97 upsells. It just depends on what you have to sell that is related to the first product you are selling.

The upsell page is usually portrayed as a one time offer page. The visitor only gets to see this page once and make a decision to buy or not. This creates urgency. The only way they can see it again is if they buy the first product again.

If they do not want to buy that page, you can have a "No Thanks" link at the bottom which takes them to the downsell.

The downsell is another offer that is cheaper than the upsell. So if your upsell is $27, your downsell may be $17.

Downsells are very popular in telemarketing. Telemarketers will often times sell them product, then go for the upsell and if the customer says no, they try for the downsell.

The Simple Commission software program that came with this report can be used to do a 100% commission sale easily.

If you get some affiliates promoting your sale for 100% commissions, you can make some big money on the upsell/downsell and add hundreds/thousands of customers to your customer list.

Getting traffic isn’t rocket science.. Get others to promote your product for big commissions and use the money you make to buy ads on other sites and PPC.

- Conclusion

Now you have an outline of what to do to pump out one profit producing site after another and make some real money online.

That's it! There isn't too much to this, it is quite easy. Like I said before, stick to the simple stuff. Everybody seems to try to complicate the whole process of making money online, when it is in fact quite simple.

And yes, this does require a little bit of money, and some actual work. This is a business, a real one even. It is going to cost something..

But the good thing is, it isn't difficult, and you don't have to have any special skills.

The thing I want you to remember is consistency.

Crank these PLR sites out quickly without fear of things being perfect or whatever. Some will work, some won’t- don’t get discouraged by the failures and stay positive about success!

You can also increase sales with a followup strategy or opt in email list.  Here are a few more resources for you..

Get a web site at:

Get lots of free software (FTP, PDF creator, etc..) here:

Free HTML editor and site builder..

For your payment processors, I suggest one of these: (preferred option so that you can use their affiliate force) - If you are doing a 100% commission site..

I wish you big success

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