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If you're reading this you are likely ready to start making money online. One question I get all the time is how much many can you make with a blog or a website? Th answer: It's limitless. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions.

But, where the rainbow shines there is also one thing to remember: You could also make nothing. Now most marketers wouldn't tell you that but as you're reading this I want you to know who makes money online and who doesn't.

The guy/gal who makes money is the one that comes into this and tells themselves “I will learn this and make money” likely will. The person who says “There is no way to make money online” probably won't.

You can do the exact same thing. In fact, I quit my job in less than 12 months and blogging paid a very large part in that! What I am going to introduce to you today is blogging. More importantly a way to make a lot of money blogging. So what is a blog? Well a blog is basically a website that allows you to easily update it and make changes to it without knowing a bunch of code or a lot of technical
language. Blogs are also one of the easiest ways to make money online.

So what can your blog be about?
Anything. Throughout this guide I will show you how to build your blog from scratch and how to make it profitable. So read through this guide and get prepared to go on a fun and profitable journey.

Step 1: Finding Something To Blog About

In the introduction I mentioned that you can blog about anything. More importantly you can blog about anything and make money. Let me show you a couple of examples of blogs.

Example 1). Perez Hilton is a blog dedicated to celebrity gossip. Perez is now one of the most well known bloggers. This is more of a news style blog that gets a lot of traffic. This site makes money by advertiser clicks and paying sponsors.

Example 2). Food Dehydrator Pro is an example of a more commercial site that makes money using affiliates programs and ad banners. You'll also notice this site takes the appearance of a normal looking website.

Keep in mind those are examples but what I wanted you to see was the contrast. Notice how different those two blogs are, but keep in mind that both of those make money. The first blog is a normal blog which means every time the owner makers a new post the homepage (mainpage of the site changes). The second site is a static blog which means that the homepage never changes unless the owner decided to change the home page itself. A static blog always looks more like a normal website. We'll get deeper into this topic later on. If you're in my Niche Blitzkrieg course you'll be building static blogs.

Selecting a blogging topic

So as mentioned above you can blog about ANYTHING. I know I repeated this several time but it's true and I want you to understand that anything can make you money.

So here's how to find something to blog about:
A). Think of your hobbies.
B). Think of items that you buy. Keep in mind these shouldn't be items you can buy at a grocery store. Although I suppose you could.
C). Everyday use items. What do you use daily? Have pets? Have kids? Notice that the 3 things I just mentioned all involve using products daily. For instance you kids probably use a certain type of toothpaste they use. You could make a kids toothpaste review site. Maybe your pet eats a certain type of treats. You could make a blog site talking about what's in the treats and why the readers pet should eat certain brands. Maybe you love coffee? Then why not make a blog reviewing types of coffee or simply recommending different types of coffee?

On any of these topics you can put up ads or promote affiliate products that will make you money. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the ways to find things that you want to blog about. We'll get more into using ads and affiliate products later on.

Keyword Research

After you find a topic that you'd like to make a blog about you need to do something called “keyword research.” Keyword research is vital to any website and without doing it your website is doomed to fail. Keyword research will allow us to find out what specific phrases people are typing in to find the topic you want to blog about.

For instance let's say you want to do a blog about “Cat Treats” you'd want to know what type of cat treats people are looking for. Someone might be looking for “Greenies Cat Treats” or “Turkey Flavored Cat Treats” but without keyword research we'd have no idea.

To start keyword research you need to go log into a free tool called Google Adwords Tool.

Once you log in you'll see a page that looks like this:
  1. Enter the desired keywords that you want to look deeper into. In this case we'll use cat treats.
  2. Enter the code (You'll only have to do this once per session).
  3. Click get keyword ideas.
  4. Click to continue reading...


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