Easy Cash Blueprint

- Introduction

Hi and welcome to Easy Cash Blueprint.

In this report I am going to outline a simple step-by-step system that I use to come out with profit producing sites quickly and easily.

I come out with new reports all the time using the exact same techniques in this report and I am positive you can do it too.

The best thing about this system is that you can duplicate it.

Once you have it down to where you can make money with it, you can do it over and over and over again which will keep making you more money.

Think if you had 20 different hot reports selling in different markets all making you money 24 hours a day.

It’s nice to think about, but even nicer to actually accomplish.

Let’s dive in!

Step 1 - Create A Report To Sell!

First, you have to find a market and create something to sell to that market.

You probably already have a market in mind that you know a product will sell in, so tons of market research generally isn’t needed.

Weight loss products are selling, Internet marketing products sell well, etc.. Some markets that you may want to enter won’t need extra work to see what sells.

But, if you are unsure, I suggest going to your local grocery store and checking out the magazine rack.

If there is a market that buys products, there is a magazine for it and going to your local grocery store’s magazine rack is an incredibly easy and cheap way to do a ton of quick market research.

Nobody is going to spend the time and money to create a magazine for a market that doesn’t buy anything, so the magazine publisher has already done the hard work for you.

And, there will be all kinds of ideas and web sites in those magazines that can give you ideas for your reports, and web sites to advertise on later when you have everything set up.

Plus, you can buy a few magazines and get tons of good articles/web sites/etc.. for less then $20-30.

After you have picked a topic/market for your report, you just need the content for your report..

Where do you get it? Well, you have 3 options.

1. You can write it yourself. This would ensure that it is unique and is the best option..
I write all of the reports I sell in the Internet marketing market, but use other people’s or buy it for other markets.

2. Or, if you swear you cannot write, then you can hire somebody else to do it. This option will cost the most but require very little time on your part..

There are plenty of ghostwriters out there who will charge a fee to write you an ebook/report/article..

Obviously it will cost more for more pages and usually the good ones will be much higher priced as well. If you skimp here and go with a cheap ghostwriter you may get a poorly written report so be careful.

Also, be very clear about what you want to avoid confusion.

Make sure that you state how many pages you want, what the font size should be, the chapter titles, etc..

Be very specific in every aspect of the report so that whoever you hire does things your way and not theirs.

3. You can use private label content. This would be the least unique but would be cheap and would work if you are not a writer.

Here is what I do with private label content to make it much better. I get all kinds of private label reports, articles and ebooks on one topic, read them all, take out the best stuff from each private label item and make one "best of" report.

So this means I get the best information from various different sources as oppose to one source where some of it
is good information, and some of it is bland/outdated/rehashed...

I suggest you do the same. This way, you do not have to write anything, you just copy and paste most of it into one great report!

Finding PLR products to make your “best of” report will come quite easy as they are literally everywhere. Just go to google.com and type in "private label ebooks", "private label resell rights", etc.. and you will see what I mean.

You are looking for private label ebooks/reports that come with sales letters. No software! Software is way too much work.

If they come with sales letters, then you do the same when writing your sales letter by making a “best of” sales letter to sell your report.

The best places I have found are the memberships that give you two new ebooks per month with sales letters for like $30. That’s a product with PLR with a sales letter for 15 bucks that you can make money with for years to come.

Plus, you usually get access to all of the previous months products! I am not going to give you a list because these sites go up and down often and the list will be outdated quick. Just go to google.com and do the search and you will find plenty.

You can even do this with just one PLR book. Let’s say you just want to create a 20-30 page report and you got the private label rights to a 100 page ebook.

You can edit it down to a “best of” 25 page report by cutting out the 75 least helpful pages.

That way your customer gets just the guts, the best parts of that 100 page book.

What do you edit?

Well since it is private label, you can change anything you want. 

- Naming Products/Buying Domains

The first thing you are going to change is the title. Just think up something clever, it doesn't have to be perfect.

There is a simple trick that you can use to name your products (and also use it when you buy domain names)
to make it not only easy to remember, but also stick with people and make you somewhat unique.

It is actually a branding technique that big companies use to create a more memorable brand for their products/business.

The trick is simple, start each word with the same letter.

For an example, how about the donut chain Krispy Kreme.

While we are on donuts, how about Duncan Donuts. (now I’m hungry)

It kind of makes it roll off the tongue better, and also of course, easier to remember.

Another trick that helps with branding is to make your product name rhyme with itself.

Use these two ideas when naming products and buying domains as much as possible.

Also, make sure to appeal to human psychology. Use words like:
  • Secrets
  • Breakthrough
  • System
  • Undercover
People love to think they are getting knowledge that nobody else is, so just naming your product something

Hollywood Makeup Secrets Revealed or Breakthrough Bass Fishing Secrets and etc..

Just doing ideas like that can help increase sales.

Next thing you want to edit is the actual book itself. Don't worry, you don't have to write anything.

Just skim through it and delete all of the fluff and filler. The more products I sell online, the more I am realizing that people are sick of long lengthy ebooks that are filled with crap.

Just cut your PLR products down to the meat - the reason why the customer paid for the book.

You're not going to be selling these products for a ton of money, so you don't need to have filler in it to try and increase the value.

Most PLR ebooks that you get will be in the 40-80 page range. After I get done cutting the filler out of most books, I am left with about 20-30 pages of pure meat, which is just fine. Your customers will thank you for that.

Remember, you are looking for the best information from all of your PLR sources. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 5 PLR ebooks/reports, get the best information from all of them and turn them into one hot report.

Also remember that you can do volumes. For instance; Let’s say you found a ton of PLR stuff with lots of good information for one market.

Create a Volume 1 and sell it, then a few weeks later, release your Volume 2 to the same people who were interested in Volume 1. Depending on how much good information you have, this could go on for quite awhile making you tons of easy money!

Another idea you may want to consider is to create product packages.

If you have been online in the Internet marketing industry for any length of time, you will have seen where people take like 10 products and bundle them into one package, and sell it for cheap..

Although this is common in the Internet marketing market, it is rarely seen in other markets and works very well.

Now you don't have to bundle 10 products, just 2 or 3 would make your offer more powerful..

Whichever you decide, the point is to make it stand out from the rest a little bit.
  • Change the title
  • Cut the fat
  • Package it with other PLR products of the same topic
  • Combine
  • etc..
The point is, none of this takes a lot of time. You don't have to write any new content.

Well ok, you may have to come up with new chapter names or write some “connector” paragraphs, but nothing major I assure you.

If you were to write a 100 page ebook, it might take you days, or weeks. But to edit one will just take a few hours if you are SLOW.

You don't have to spend too much time on this. Just reading (skimming) the PLR book will tell you if it’s worth selling. If it is, quickly make the changes- or cut out the best information and paste it in a new file, then move on to the next PLR book and do the same.

Somebody else has already spent the time editing these books once, so you just need to get in and modify the main things and be done with it.

And then, use something like http://www.pdf995.com/ to turn it into a PDF file and you're done.

Quick, Easy, Cheap

Private label is incredible for those who know how to take advantage of it- and you are now one of those people!

Step 2 Create Your Sales Site

Now that you have a new unique “best of” product, you need a site to sell it on.

All you really need is a 2 page site, one sales letter and one order form.

A good thing about PLR ebooks is that most come with sales letters.

Now, these aren't the best sales letters on the planet- Although, they aren't the worst either. They are usually written by a professional copywriter, but usually a cheap copywriter- But they are certainly useable. Heck, sometimes I put these sales letters up unedited and they convert at 4-5%, so you may be surprised.

All you really need to make money online is an average sales ratio, which is 1-2%. Which means 1 to 2 people will buy out of every 100 visitors who see the sales page.

To put it one way, marketing is a numbers game, and these numbers are the most important...How much traffic you are getting, and how much of that traffic is buying. All of the other crap you read is just another way to make making money online more complicated than it has to be.

So just focus on these two things- getting traffic, and converting it into sales.

So what do you do with the sales letter that came with your PLR ebook? Make it unique of course..

If you only edited one ebook into a “best of” report, then you just need to edit the one sales letter that came with it. But if you used multiple sources to come up with your report, then making a “best of” sales letter will work.

First, delete all of the graphics.

You changed the name of the product already, and the graphics on the sales letter most likely have the original name of the product all over them, so they are now useless.

Actually, the header graphic was already useless. Header graphics decrease sales!

You don't need fancy graphics to make a sales page convert, they just look good..

The only graphic that I use is a software box style cover that I create. If you cannot create graphics like me, then I suggest using a software program to do them for you.

Next, change the headline and all sub-headlines to the color red. Red sells better than any other color.

And then, read it.

Read the entire letter (or letters) and put yourself in the customers shoes. Edit what you like or don't like.

That's it really, you're done. I don't edit them too much because it is a waste of time. The reason is because you don't know if they are going to sell well the way they are, you have to try it and see.

So I do the little editing that I just mentioned, then put it online and start driving traffic to it to see how well it does.

Sometimes it'll bring in an average sales ratio, sometimes bigger, and sometimes it'll be a flop. Those are the only things that can happen, and you shouldn't be bothered by any of them.

If it flops, its time to modify the copy some, starting with the headline. Also be sure to do a search on google.com to see what your competition is doing. I don't suggest taking any of their copy, but getting ideas from them ain't a bad idea.

So when you have a PLR product that flops, go around and see how other successful sales letters are written and get some ideas.

There is also pricing to consider.

As I said before, these reports will be short after you edit them, 20-30 pages or so. So your prices will be low.

Here are some good price points that work well.

- 7
- 9.97
- 14
- 17
- 19
- 24
- 27
- 34
- 37

I usually sell these products from 7-27 dollars. That seems to be a good range for optimum amount of money per visitor.

Don’t be afraid of the low price points either. $7 per sale may not seem like much but you have to remember that you will also have backend products and affiliate programs which you will sell to those customers, and those people will also be added to your customer list.

Plus, low price points will usually generate much higher sales ratios which is a good way to lead people into your sales funnel.

Okay, so far, you have not invested that much time or money.

Actually, by this time, you have barely done any work at all and yet you have a product and sales letter ready to go.

Upload it to your web site and start sending traffic to it.

Do you need a domain name for it? Nope, not yet at least.

Upload it to a domain name that you already own. For instance, if you own www.yoursite.com.

Then create: www.yoursite.com/booktitle

If it sells without its own domain name, it will sell with one. This way, if it flops and you can't get it selling, you can just trash the idea and move on without having lost out on a domain name.

And believe me, don't be afraid to ditch the idea if it is becoming more work then it is worth. Sometimes these products just aren't going to sell the way you have the sales letter and product set up.

They would need a complete redo to start selling well, and with all of the different PLR products out there, it is just easier and a lot less work to ditch the loser and go find a winner.

But don’t ditch the content. If it is good content and you came up with a really killer “best of” report, then you can use it for a whole host of other ideas.

Like giving it away for free to build a list or promote an affiliate program.

I have setup plenty of these PLR sites using the exact same ideas above and some just won't sell. I will modify some and if it still doesn't sell, screw it- NEXT!

It also doesn't matter if things are perfect. So many people are sitting there, working on a project for months trying to get everything perfect...huh?? Just launch it already, nothing is perfect!

Do it fast and get it out there to sell.

- Create A Second Offer For Bigger Profits!

Here is a good way to boost profits by 30% or more. All you do is sell another product to the person who just bought a product from you on the thank you page.

This is a simple upsell that I’m sure you have seen a hundred times before.

So they order product A, and on the thank you page, you sell them product B.

Products A and B should be related of course.

To make it ultra powerful, call the second offer a One-Time offer and tell the customer that they will only see the sales page for product B this one time, and they will never get a chance to buy the product again.

The scarcity and limited time factors work wonders in marketing. People equate value to things that are rare or scarce or limited. And if your product is only available that one time, it will increase orders.

Again, you have probably seen this One-Time-Offer deal before if you have anything to do with the Internet marketing market. Same concept, just use it with these PLR product ideas, it works like a charm (and works better in markets outside of Internet marketing because it isn’t so ridiculously common)!

This will also allow you to spend more of your profits on advertising. You can even spend all of the money you make on Product A on advertising because you will make all of your profits on product B sales.

This makes getting traffic a whole lot easier...

If you don’t have to make any money up front on your ads because you know you will convert 20+ percent of those customers into second offer buyers, then generating tons of traffic to your site is incredibly simple!

This is what you are striving for!

You can create the second report/offer the same way you created the first, with PLR!  Something else that I have used on these sales letters is video..

You simply create a video of the actual product itself.

By video I mean a screen capture video using a program like www.camtasia.com. You use it like a "Here is what you can have in minutes" idea. You call it a "tour of our product".

It is very simple to do and hasn't failed yet to increase sales, it works every time!

I'll give you a quick outline of how this can be done.

1) Start up the screen cam software, and welcome the viewer to the product tour video.

2) Login to your members area where the product will be downloaded. (If you don’t have a members are and are just emailing a .PDF file to your customers to deliver your product, then just open up the file..)

3) Show the download page, discuss the bonuses, etc.. Talk about everything they receive when they order and show them in the download page.

4) Show them the chapters in the book while reading some of it. This is a big part, it shows the viewer that the product is real, shows how it is presented, and they get a quick taste of exactly what is inside.

5) Thank the viewer for watching the video and remind them that they can have this within minutes from now.

Also, if you have an affiliate program, you could give them a quick glance at that and tell them they could recoup their investment by just referring 2 friends (or whatever, this is a simple way to make your product seem risk free!)..

One last tip, it is a good idea to have some links to some unadvertised bonuses in the download area as well. Make sure to show them that and to say something like "Here are some secret bonuses that I didn't mention on the product site".

Once you have the video completed and uploaded to your server, you need to link to it on the sales page.

I have been testing this and have found that the best place is right after you list the product benefits- Before the price and guarantee.
You could also build your list with this. I haven't tried it but I'm sure that you could say:

"Subscribe today and receive a video tour of XYZ product free!"

That would probably get some interest.

This tactic works well, so do it every chance you get ;)

Something else you can do with this video is to submit it to the video directories like Youtube.com and Google video.

Make sure to link back to your site in the description area to generate traffic back to your site.

This can be a quick and easy traffic generator. Search engines love video and if you do this idea you will have one to submit to the video web sites. It's quick and easy, give it a shot!

Step 3 Send Traffic To Your Site And Profit

Now that you have a product to sell, and a site to sell it, you just need traffic.

I only use 2 or 3 different methods of generating traffic to my site. Usually if I cannot get these to work, then the product is becoming more trouble then its worth and it is time to move on to another one.

- Joint ventures

Joint ventures are one of my favorite ways to get traffic, simply because you only pay for results.

And yes, you can do joint ventures with PLR content. Why would they even care? As long as it sells and it is a good quality product, then people will want to promote it.

One way to get a lot of people promoting your site is to offer huge commissions, like 70-100% and you make your money on the second offer OTO that I was talking about earlier.

Or use Clickbank.com as your processor and use their affiliate program. I believe you can give 75% commissions to their 100k plus strong affiliate force.

People will promote, and take most of the first sales money, and you take all of the profits from the second sale and beyond.

Like I said earlier, if you do not have to make any money up front on the first product, then it is very simple to generate traffic.

- Pay for clicks

I don't really mess around with the free methods anymore (except for joint ventures of course).

It is much easier and less work to just buy the traffic.

- Use PPC (and PPC doesn't mean Adwords, there are lots of PPC advertising opportunities out there)
- Buy from web sites directly (Like the web sites who have 1st position on the PPC search engines)
- Advertise In Ezines
- Search for targeted ad networks via google.com
- etc..

Here is what I do...

- Set up the web site and get it selling.
- Get some JV partners to promote it (I have yet to sell a product that other people wouldn't promote)
- Use the money made to buy ads like PPC or on web sites directly that have to do with what I am selling.

I also often use 100% limited time sales to promote these reports.

The concept of a 100% commission sale involves giving affiliates 100% of the initial sale, and making your money on the upsell and downsell.

You basically start off selling a product of some sort either using a nickel sale format where you would start the price low (like $5) and the price increases by $0.05 every 20 or 30 minutes- or you could sell the product at a fixed price of something low like $7 or $9.97.

When somebody buys, they are automatically enrolled in your affiliate program where they can promote your site and make 100% of the sale. This would be the $5 nickel sale that keeps increasing, or the $9.97 whichever you are doing. The money is instantly deposited into their Paypal account.

This makes it very attractive for people to promote you, so the traffic is built into the equation.

Whenever somebody buys, they are sent to the upsell page which sells another product that you (the owner) get all the money for. I always sold the upsell at $27 or so, but there is no one way to do it. I have seen $7 upsells, and $97 upsells. It just depends on what you have to sell that is related to the first product you are selling.

The upsell page is usually portrayed as a one time offer page. The visitor only gets to see this page once and make a decision to buy or not. This creates urgency. The only way they can see it again is if they buy the first product again.

If they do not want to buy that page, you can have a "No Thanks" link at the bottom which takes them to the downsell.

The downsell is another offer that is cheaper than the upsell. So if your upsell is $27, your downsell may be $17.

Downsells are very popular in telemarketing. Telemarketers will often times sell them product, then go for the upsell and if the customer says no, they try for the downsell.

The Simple Commission software program that came with this report can be used to do a 100% commission sale easily.

If you get some affiliates promoting your sale for 100% commissions, you can make some big money on the upsell/downsell and add hundreds/thousands of customers to your customer list.

Getting traffic isn’t rocket science.. Get others to promote your product for big commissions and use the money you make to buy ads on other sites and PPC.

- Conclusion

Now you have an outline of what to do to pump out one profit producing site after another and make some real money online.

That's it! There isn't too much to this, it is quite easy. Like I said before, stick to the simple stuff. Everybody seems to try to complicate the whole process of making money online, when it is in fact quite simple.

And yes, this does require a little bit of money, and some actual work. This is a business, a real one even. It is going to cost something..

But the good thing is, it isn't difficult, and you don't have to have any special skills.

The thing I want you to remember is consistency.

Crank these PLR sites out quickly without fear of things being perfect or whatever. Some will work, some won’t- don’t get discouraged by the failures and stay positive about success!

You can also increase sales with a followup strategy or opt in email list.  Here are a few more resources for you..

Get a web site at:


Get lots of free software (FTP, PDF creator, etc..) here:

Free HTML editor and site builder..

For your payment processors, I suggest one of these:
http://www.clickbank.com/ (preferred option so that you can use their affiliate force)
http://www.paypal.com/ - If you are doing a 100% commission site..

I wish you big success


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