5 Tips To Make Money With Your Website

Advertising : Selling space or placing ads is one of the prime way to make money online through a blog/website. Many programs like Adsense, Yahoo, Adcenter and others pay you for showing ads on your blog/website. They might be CPC ir CPM or other types.

Link Selling: Many people sell links from their webpages to other blogs/websites. Google page rank is one of the important aspect for this along with blog/website popularity and content.

Selling Product Reviews or Blog/Website Reviews: You have to post on your own blog about other websites or products which will create a buzz for the advertiser and for you will lead to income.

Selling Through Affiliate Adverting : You can sell products from your site for others. All you have to do is join the affiliate network like Ebay, Amazon etc and then place their links on your site and try to persuade the visitors to buy them through clicking on your links. It will lead you to some very good income as commission.

Sell You Own Products : You can sell you own product through site. For example, if you are kite manufacturer then you can sell it through site as you can get orders online and you have to fulfill them.

Resource http://www.seo-strategies.org


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