Make Your Money. No Excuses. Period

What's the situation like in the world right now?
  • The war is dragging on.
  • People are getting laid off.
  • The cost of living is going up.
  • Gas prices are getting ridiculous.
  • Food prices are going out of control.
  • The economy seems to be slowing down.
  • More and more people are getting into debt
  • ETC
People are really at their wits end out there. They have problems (real or perceived) and anyone with a problem they think is bad enough wants a solution. As a merketer it's your job to provide those solutions and put cash in your pockets.

Most of the people in this world who pay attention to the media get caught up in talk about the cost of living or gas prices. Because of that, they either want to make more money to help ease the strain of how much things cost or they're trying to find ways to save money to make their dollars stretch farther in tough times.

As a marketer you're in a position to help people do both and make money at the same time.

It just takes a little bit of initiative.

Pay attention to the news and current events.

News outlets spend a lot of time and money advertising certion issues. Issues you can quickly profit from. They also spend a fair amout of time using fear to get their stories read.

Pay special attention to the things the media is getting people all worked up over. There is always money to be made whenever people get uncomfortable and the news outlets are masters at making people uncomfortable even if they shouldn't be. People will always pay good money to be comfortable again.

Your job as a marketer is to sell products peroid. It's not your job to worry about if people really need the products you're selling. If you see a situation where people will buy something then sell it to them and get your money.

It's up to each individual person to decide if they should buy something.

Never Feel Bad About Making Money

People have the right to exercise their own personal responsibility. If they don't and they buy something they really don't need, that's not really your concern. Make you money and let people sort the rest out for themsleves. You're not a babysitter. You're a marketer.

I say this because one to the main things that keeps marketers from making money is the feeling that they need to personally take care of everybody and only sell the best of the best products and services and really there's no such thing.

What you're really doing is making things hard on yourself because you're scared of being successful on some level. Telling yourself that you won't sell a certain product because you don't think peop;e should buy it is a way to self-sabotage yourself.

Your job as a marketer is to present products in a way that make them appealing to people so they buy them. That's it.

If a person really believes later that they shouldn't have bought something from you or though you, that's what refund are for but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have sold it to them in the first place. Your job is to sell.

Make your money and don't feel guilty about it.

I'm not saying that you should sell people just anything to make a few bucks.

No, all I'm saying is that you should create or find a product to sell and sell it without trying to become self-appointed chancellor of consumer satisfaction and well-being.

What I just told you is the reason why some marketers are happy and well fed while others are bitter and living off top ramen.

Make you money. Feed your family. Live the life you wabt to lead and make NO excuses along the way.


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