Get Revenues From Your Blog

At YouSayToo you can earn revenues with Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate. YouSayToo shares ad impressions in your blog 50/50.

To make revenues at YouSayToo you need to:
  1. Add your blog or start blogging at YouSayToo
  2. Create unique and quality content
  3. Enter Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate IDs
Join our referral program and increase your revenues:
For every referred user who added a blog or started his own you get 15% from his ad views. You also get 10% ad views from users referred by your referred users.

Aren't interested in revenues? Make a difference and donate them to a cause of your choice.

Add Your Blog
If you have your own blog you can add it to YouSayToo and get more revenues, visitors and readers.

Aren't interested in revenues? Make a difference and donate revenues from your added blog to a cause of your choice.

After your blog is added all new posts from it will be imported into your YouSayToo blog and your blog will be featured in YouSayToo's blogs list.

Start Blogging at YouSayToo
Not only is blogging fun, it can also be profitable and can make a difference.

How do I earn or donate revenues?

Start your own blog

Write about topics which interest you, share your thoughts, opinions get readers and subscribers. The better your content - the more readers and subscribers you will have - the more revenues you will make.
If you want to make more revenues, write about popular, upcoming events.
Check out our Recommended Topics list.

Create a Flash Games Blog
Pick your favorite flash games and upload them. Share the blog with your friends, fans and readers.

Feel Bored? Buzz yourself out!

Share your thoughts in a microblogging manner by answering question asked by other people. This way people will get to know you better and you'll find out more about your friends. Create BuzzGroups to discuss various topics.


Dangsulaeman said...

i've add your url at bolehngeblog, but your url that i put to my blog is
because, using tinyurl is not good for you
i've subscribe my email ( to your feeds. please do the same ok


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