You Can Make A Great Blog Too

Here are some tips to make a great blog. They have been proven effective in bringing in the traffic and sales using your blog.
  • Blog must be clearly understood by visitors - It is strongly advised that your blog can be clearly understood by visitors. This means you need to aptly describe your blog and make it relevant to your target audience. When you use tags, ensure they are of relevance to your posts. Provide a clear and correct revelation of your blog to visitors.
  • Blog must have good content - If you want visitors to return to your blog for more information, you need to provide them with the best content. The content must be of quality, have substance, and always be latest. Your readers would be most appreciative of great content.
  • Blog must be indexed - One of the more important tips to make a great blog is to get your blog indexed by search engines such as Google. You can use use Technorati and Blogwise. Your blog needs to be noticed on the internet by others. Indexing your blog will make your blog visible.
  • Your blog posts must be made known - It is important to “ping” your posts in your blog once each post is published. This process will help send your posts to thousands of readers. You can use Ping-O-Matic to ping your posts. It is extremely easy and convenient.
  • Important to exchange links - It is recommended for you to exchange links with other blogs on related topics.  This linking process can bring you increase in traffic. Your blog can get increase in search engine ranking when incoming links to your blog have higher traffic than yours.
  • Blog should provide space for interaction - Interaction using your blog is recommended. Ask for comments and feedback. You can also post your comments on the blogs of others. This is another of the more important tips to make a great blog, because you can prove yourself as an expert through your comments. You will gain credibility in the process.
  • Blog must continue its buzz - Traffic is important for your blog. You need to keep on writing good content and keep up with the traffic for your blog. If you can get hold of email addresses of your visitors, so much the better. You can grow your list.
  • Blog should be open to fun - Yes, you can have good social fun through bookmarking sites  such as Facebook and Digg. Make use of your website URL on such sites as well as on YouTube. You can get a great volume of traffic. Squidoo helps too!
In summary, make good use of your blog. It can bring positive results for your business.

By Jeremy Long Chia Teik


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