The Keyword Minute

"3 Guaranteed Money Making Strategies To Implement in Under A Minute!"

Integration Marketing on Steroids

The purpose of this report is to quickly teach you several money making strategies that you can begin implementing in under a minute. We all want specific, step by step examples of money making strategies we can implement RIGHT NOW and start profiting from, so that‘s what I‘ll be teaching in this report.

I have no idea how long this report will end up. Probably not long, but that‘s not the point. I could easily write a 100 page "eBook" on these strategies, but because this is a report and I know you value your time, I‘m going to skip the "theory" and get straight to the steps involved in making the money. Cool?

Alright, Let‘s get started!

The first strategy I want to share with you is something that takes a technique that has become a bit more well-known to our internet marketing community over the past year or so. To be honest, it‘s probably still only used by less than 1% of all internet marketers, despite the fact that it works so incredibly well and is super easy to implement. I‘m talking about integration marketing. The process of "integrating" your product offer into someone else‘s sales funnel.

The example you may have heard Mike Filsaime teach is the Coke/Pepsi example. You‘ve
probably never seen a Coke/Pepsi store, yet Coke and Pepsi are two of the most wellknown companies in the world. How do they make money? Simple; they "integrate" their product offer into other company‘s sales funnels (i.e. at baseball games, in restaurants when someone orders a meal, in vending machines at a gas station along with other soft drinks, in hotels, in bars, and so on and so forth). They give the restaurant a small % of the sale made, and then they keep the remaining %. They don‘t have to worry about getting customers to their store because they just "mooch" off of other "store‘s" customers. This also works extremely well online. So well, in fact, that Mike Filsaime hired a full-time employee to do nothing but get HIS offers integrated into other marketers sales funnels (i.e. their product "thank you pages").

Alright, so where are a couple of places that you could integrate your offer? Click here to read more....


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