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Traffic to websites has never been an easy task. Most people associate more traffic to a website with more money spent on a website.  Free web traffic almost sounds too good to be true. Let us break it down to the probable methods. As opposed to pay per clicks or ppc as it is fondly called affiliate marketing is one method that asks nothing out of you except for your time.  Good content generates more visits and will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Generate the content for your website first. Research well on the topic you want to showcase on your website and lay out in such a manner that is easy to read while at the same time is eye catching also. Use keywords appropriately after choosing the right ones using the Google Ad words.

Highlight the keywords and important points in such a way that a visitor can sift through your article and grasp the essence of what you have to say as not all of them will have enough patience to read through the complete content. Free web traffic is guaranteed only if a sincere effort to create quality content is made.
 Interact on social networking sites and online forums as often as possible. These ensure free web traffic as it is as important to market yourself as much as your website.  If people like your content they will want to know who the author is. It is important to put a face behind your words as it makes it as real as possible for the reader.

Make important references to other articles you might have written that are relevant to the present one as readers might be interested in reading if they are impressed with your writing. Submit your articles to as many free blogs and directories as possible.

When you make a submission be sure to add a resource box at the end of it stating a line or two about the author and his background along with a reference to his website. This will prove to be a path back to your website and in turn ensures that interested readers will make it a point to visit your website.

 Keep your content fresh at all times.  Once the content is uploaded keep your site updated with news events and important videos that will keep visitors interested in your site. Rome was not built in a day and so was not a successful website. Free web traffic is possible only if you are ready to invest your time into it.


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